Writing Update

Well, this has been a busy fall for me!

I’m kinda participating in NaNoWriMo, in that I’m not on the website or working on a longer piece (although I have started tackling a WIP that’s been on my to-write list for a hot minute—no, not Book 3 of the Satura Trilogy), but I am working on several short stories, that novel-length WIP, and my blog posts!

Yes, I’m counting the words written this month towards NaNo, and a lot of that is because I’ve had some very long posts and dammit I’m using them.

Works Published in 2021

This fall I have been very fortunate to have had six short stories published or pending publication. I’ve worked my ass half-off this year (honestly, I know that I could have and should have done more, but oh well I didn’t), and I’m proud of my writing and where I’ve gotten. So, in order of publication date, here are my works that have been published this year, and one that’s coming soon in December!

Love and War Aboard the Peregrine Zircon

Luna Station Quarterly, Issue 46 (June 2021) (free)

Reva, a no-nonsense operations officer aboard the aircraft carrier Peregrine Zircon, gets a blast from the past when her pilot ex arrives for a training exercise. Reva will never forgive Sabine, but when a surprise attack puts all of their lives in jeopardy, Reva realizes she just might have feelings for her ex after all…

To Steal a Prince of the Moon

Black Cat Magazine, Issue One (June 2021) (free)

The mysterious disappearance of a prized merman from the vaunted Milton-Valtamari Aquarium sends the galaxy into an uproar. Ethics, conservation and sentience abound, along with some sketchy as hell tabloid articles compiled by an overeager college student.

Terrible Tilly Hunts the Cadborosaurus

All Worlds Wayfarer, Issue X (September 2021) (free)

Photographer and widow Tilly explores 1938 Newport, Oregon, with her writer partner Adam on a beat to cover the Oregon coastline for a travel guide. On their way, they explore a possibly haunted lighthouse, and Tilly continues her strange quest to photograph the Pacific Northwest’s mysterious sea cryptid, the cadborosaurus. But Tilly has secrets of her own…

If you enjoyed this story, I compiled a bunch of Easter Eggs and research notes here.

You Are About to Begin a Great Adventure

Intrinsick Magazine (September 2021) (free)

You’re a hapless adventurer on your way to Oregon, but there’s something that’s just not quite right. Not that you’d complain or anything, because you can’t. A parody of my favorite computer game: The Oregon Trail. Also brought to you all by hours of playing the Oregon Trail.

Tell The Crows I’m Home

Metaphorosis Magazine (October 2021) (free)

There is a place where the go to be found.

This is a soft dystopian where I don’t want to really ruin the plot so much (because the plot itself is pretty basic), but it’s very queer, and explores isolation and the stories we tell ourselves to keep from being lonely. I really think that it’s some of my best writing so far.

Team Wolf Anxiety

Gaia Awakens: A Climate Crisis Anthology (November 2021) (available in ebook or hardcover)

Oregon, 2052. The world has gone to crap and the Big One has shattered much of the Pacific Northwest, but life goes on—and Liv and her family are doing their best to help. As the only human in a family of kinda-werewolves, Liv is tired of feeling like the odd person out, but is too scared to take the leap to go to college. A local disaster, however, reminds her of what is important.

The Hidden Language of Flowers

Misspelled: Magic Gone Awry (November 2021) (available in ebook or hardcover)

The war has ended, but Edith’s war has just begun. Her childhood friend-turned-enemy has returned, and opened a rival flower shop in a town barely big enough for one. The sparks fly as the two witches hurl insults and hexes at each other through coded floral arrangements, until they decide to end it once and for all.

I had so much fun writing this one, and it’s filled with queer Easter Eggs (a code within the code, if you will), and also facts about Oregon history—particularly the history of southern Lane County and central-western Oregon. I’ll be posting a behind the scenes Easter Egg reveal on December 9th, a month after its release. I hope you all enjoy it!

Coming Soon

Vasilisa and the Night Witches

Mirror, Mirror: A Compendium of Fractured Fairy Tales (December 2021) (available for preorder)

Former sniper Vasilisa Ivanova is tasked to figure out why the 588th Bomber Regiment is going through so many tires, but meets a speedbump in the Regiment’s terrifying commanding officer. She has three days to solve the mystery, or else. A dieselpunk mash-up of Vasilisa the Beautiful and The Twelve Dancing Princesses.

Whew, this story has a whole saga behind it. It was the first story I ever submitted, and after three years, 14 rejections and two acceptances (yes, two…the first was two years ago and an entire debacle I might go into later), this is finally going to see readers.

Jack, the Medbot, and the Giant in the Sky

Titanic Terastructures (TBD 2022)

Jack has always wanted to live in the fantastical space-city of Sky, but he’s been stuck in the city of Ground since forever. When a mysterious stranger offers him a datacard that’ll open the space elevator to Sky, Jack leaps on it—and finds himself in a whole heap of trouble with the omnipresent AI that operates the gleaming space-city.

That Slow Awakening

I do not have a publication date for Book 2 of The Satura Trilogy yet. My publisher left NineStar Press in August for medical/personal reasons, and I don’t have a replacement editor.

This is one of the reasons why I’ve been stalled out on writing Book 3, although my fingers are crossed that That Slow Awakening will be published sometime in 2022.

For those of you who read and loved That Distant Dream, thank you so much for reading and enjoying it (and if you haven’t yet, then the link is right there with the title). If you haven’t yet, a review on Amazon or Goodreads would be fantastic, as it helps show my publisher that this story is worth continuing!

And with all that, I’m going to be taking a little hiatus from now until the beginning of December

tbh, the hiatus will probably resume in the last 2-3 weeks of December so I can recharge and tackle some personal matters

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