27 SFF Releases, October-December 2022

There are so many science fiction and fantasy books coming out in the last three months of 2022! I'm so excited, and also wondering how the hell I'm going to read all the things. Triage. Triage is key. Also, I am loving the revival/resurgence of witchy romances. Not necessarily urban fantasy or paranormal fantasy, but … Continue reading 27 SFF Releases, October-December 2022

31 SFF Releases, July-September 2022

Okay, so it's almost halfway through July for this post, but that's okay because there are so many exciting SFF releasing coming in August and September (and the rest of July)! Despite number, this is far from an inclusive list, as these are the books I'm most excited about, and therefore the list skews non-cis … Continue reading 31 SFF Releases, July-September 2022