Writerly Wednesday: A Bit About Me

This is not going to be a frequent weekly post, since I’m not a frequent writer!

But in 2020 I want to do better, and I want to keep track of what I’m writing a bit more and actually finish projects. Plus, I have to write a sequel for a book releasing sometime in June-July…and I’m just so nervous!

So a little about my writing history…

In which I get a bit too personal

I’ve been writing since I was little. My first “true” novel was written the summer before eight grade in a really thick college-lined notebook, and as the story grew longer and the blank pages grew less, my handwriting shrank from nice and pretty to teeny and cramped so that I could fit the story onto the page. It was not good, but that story has mutated and fragmented and changed over the years. I still have the notebook, and a fraction of that story lives in That Distant Dream, which NineStar Press graciously accepted.

I wrote fantasy and science fiction all through middle school and high school, and I started writing fanfic (with my original characters, because I clearly do not understand the rules of fanfic and I am That Bitch) in high school after I found fanfic.net—because I wanted to start sharing my work but there wasn’t a place like Wattpad available at that time (that I knew of). And I wrote all through college as well, although I didn’t really talk about it much with my friends, because 1) nerddom wasn’t cool in the 00s, and 2) the people I hung around weren’t big readers/writers.

Also, I was supposed to be pouring all of my heart and soul into becoming A Great Military Leader (lol, jk, just a halfway decent Marine Officer), and writing SFF was a waste of time. So I tamped down my writing, and I underplayed or just didn’t tell people I wrote anything while I was in the Marines.

I started That Distant Dream in 2010, but didn’t actually finish it until the summer of 2019. Mostly it was because I had a huge bit of writer’s block and couldn’t write much of anything for seven years, but also because I was in a never-ending cycle of depressive spirals and burn-out.

Anywho, I got out of the Marine Corps a few years ago and almost immediately started writing again. It was like being out freed my creative mind from a locked vault. I participated in my first (only so far, only) NaNoWriMo and wrote the rough draft of A Princess of Chaladry, which is…still unfinished and is currently on the back burner.

Then I joined Wattpad and finally found a group of writers that I really loved hanging out with, and began sharing my work online (join the Rebel Elite—they’re a great crew). I stopped posting on Wattpad a year and a half ago, because the publishing world considers works posted there to be “published,” and I…kinda want to see if I can get paid for my writing?

So now we’re in 2020 (thank you for taking this long ride down memory lane with me), and I’ve got a couple things getting published, and a couple things I’m trying to get published.

Stories Getting Published

I’m so excited about these, particularly since there have been a lot of rejections along the way, and also having a long-standing small press fold just as my first paid story was published. That was a huge disappointment.

  • “Recipe for a Love Spell,” in Moonlight: A Queer Werewolf Anthology ed. by Bones McKay and Ursula Gray. Vik goes into the woods to prepare some love spells, and gets startled by a scary wolf. A Kickstarter campaign that was super successful, and my copy should be shipping to me any minute!
  • The Book Witch, NineStar Press, March-May 2020. Originally published as The Book Woman by Less Than Three Press in 2019, this novella is about Evie, a young copy editor who is exiled to the mountains to become a pack horse librarian. Shifters, magic, literacy and sassy cats galore!
  • That Distant Dream, NineStar Press, June-August 2020. A science fiction book about what happens to the hero after they’ve saved the galaxy and ended the war. Themes are second chances, healing, and supply inventories (once a SuppO, always a SuppO). And weird fucking dreams.
  • “Vasilisa and the Night Witches,” Helios Quarterly, September 2021. A dieselpunk mash-up of two fairy tales: “Vasilisa the Beautiful” and “The Twelve Dancing Princesses.” Like a fairy tale, this was rejected 12 times. As they say, 13th time’s the charm?

Anywho, that’s me.

Maybe next time I’ll talk a bit about my WIPs.

Are you a writer? What do you write?

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