Book Review: Sleeping Giants

Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel


A little girl falls into a hole and onto a giant hand. She’s drawn by the mystery of the hand, and 17 years later is the leader of a research team dedicated to compiling pieces of a giant alien robot/construct/thing/weapon. Can her team make it work? Do they even want to? What will the world look like when they finish?

Basically though: Kara Resnick is so attractive and pretty and hot and other subjective things and wow she’s a great pilot. That girl has grit, and she’s pretty too! Kara kara kara. Oh, and there are giant alien robot things. That only Kara and some dude she’s banging can fly.

Blah blah blah Kara blah blah

While I loved listening to the audiobook, which is probably the best way to read this epistolary work of science fiction, the plot of the GIANT ALIEN ROBOT THING was drowned away by the unnamed narrator (and well, everyone else in the damn cast) and his fascination with Kara Resnick.

It was like Mean Girls: The Musical, except instead of the cast repeatedly singing Regina Regina Regina, they were discussing Kara—what’s she wearing, who’s she fucking, what’s her deal, wow she’s pretty, she’s so strong, Kara, Kara, Kara.

She was very much a Strong Female Character As Written By A Man™️, and it grew old very quickly.

Her accomplishments revolved around her relationship with men, quite literally, and her inability to really work with other women (minus Dr. Franklin). Each of the men who came across her where all like, “Wow she’s talented and awesome, and um, not bad to look at, too *chuckles in misogyny*”

Anywho, this wasn’t a bad book. There were a lot of good parts to it, and the voice cast was incredible. The mystery of the aliens and the politicking of who got what, and are there more and everything else was fascinating. That cliffhanger was pretty trippy, but it wasn’t enough of a draw for me to want to attempt book 2.

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