Book Review: The Unhoneymooners

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren


When everyone at her twin sister’s wedding gets food poisoning from the buffet but Olive and her brother-in-law’s odious brother, Ethan, it looks like everything is about to unravel. Recently laid off from her job, Olive is looking for a win—and when her sister presses her to go on her vacation, Olive reluctantly agrees…even though she’ll be going with Ethan. And they’ll have to pretend to be married. Yikes.

Holy balls to the walls bundle of laughter, Batman. This book is hilarious.

This is my second Christina Lauren read, and honestly I loved this even more than My Favorite Half-Night Stand, and that book was pretty awesome. *whispers* The hype is real, all.

I think it’s because the two romantic leads have such fantastic chemistry. They’re witty, smart and omg that that fucking banter. The zingers. The insults. You look like a Skittle. Holy shit. I’m dead.

In addition, the supporting cast is equally fleshed out and feels so real—even though they might not have much screen time (and some feel like caricatures), there is so much love in Olive’s extended family.

And the situations are hilarious—from the skittles dress to the plane ride (damn is Olive vicious as fuck) to the constant misnaming (Olive wins, hers were far more creative) to the dinner with the boss to the meet-ups with the ex and everything in between. Wow. This was just the perfect enemies-to-lovers story.

Olive was 100% relatable. She’s neurotic, insecure at her financial outlook, overthinks literally everything (but honestly she is right) and has horrific bad luck. When she was six, she got stuck in a claw machine and her pantless extraction (and nose-picking and screaming) were caught on the six o’clock news…and subsequently put on Youtube because the universe is both cruel and hilarious. Plus—latinx rep!!!!!

Ethan was charming as hell. He definitely comes off as an asshole, but when you realize it’s because he’s very introverted and unsure about people in general, it makes sense. I felt so seen when he asks if he and Olive can just do something with just themselves because he’s all peopled out and Olive is like “Pool? Beach?” and he’s like “People.” Then she’s like “Car ride to see the sights”? Because when you’re peopled out but still want to do something, taking a fun car right and just going is perfect (seriously, this is not me being sarcastic). I loved his banter with Olive, and how he’s 100% just as childishly evil as she is—I cackled when he rubbed his gross sweaty self over her back when they were pretending to be lovey dovey.

Anywho. This was super super cute and perfect for those of us who have been unemployed, been nervous about the future, had a long run of bad luck and just need something cozy, funny and damn good to laugh at.

End Note: This was my 130th book of the year! I’ve reached my Goodreads challenge in July.

I’m so proud of myself

Holy fucktails I might actually get to 200 books this year 😱🤯

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