Upcoming SFF Jul-Sep 2021

While July and August are kinda slow release-wise (for SFF books I'm interested in, anyway—there are a lot of big name authors releasing stuff these months, who I don't particularly care for, and then a bunch of contemporary romance authors for whom I do care), September is promising to kick off a fantastic fall release … Continue reading Upcoming SFF Jul-Sep 2021

Sci Fi REPOST Friday: Sapphics in Space (and Across Time)

A repost of this bad girl, because this month (and this move) has murdered my blogging abilities. Sapphics in spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace. I am so happy with publishing over the past couple of years, because not only have there been quite a few wlw science fiction and fantasy releases, but many of them (well, the ones I … Continue reading Sci Fi REPOST Friday: Sapphics in Space (and Across Time)

Sci Fi Friday: 30+ SFF Books by Asian and Pacific Islander Authors

May is National Asian-Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and while this is a US-national month, I'd like to focus on Asian and Pacific Islander authors from all over the world as well as in the US. Asian hate crimes and attacks have been on the rise over the past year, particularly attacks on elders and women. … Continue reading Sci Fi Friday: 30+ SFF Books by Asian and Pacific Islander Authors

Sci Fi Friday: Space Day Recommendations

The Earth is the cradle of humanity, but mankind cannot stay in the cradle forever. Today is Space Day! And it's a Friday! Once upon a time, I dreamed of becoming an astronaut—probably like a lot of other kids. I was obsessed with space. I knew the planets, the moons, I learned as much as … Continue reading Sci Fi Friday: Space Day Recommendations

Book Review: Project Hail Mary

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir 🌺🌺/5 Ryland Grace wakes up alone, light years from Earth. He has no memory of how he got there, and his two companions are dead. As his memory slowly returns, he remembers he's on a mission to save humanity—the sun is fading and triggering an extinction-level event back home, … Continue reading Book Review: Project Hail Mary

Book Review: The Last Watch

The Last Watch by JS Dewes 🌺🌺/5 Two hundred years after humanity defeated the evil alien Viators after a thousand-years' war, the Viators return. But it's been five years, and the hero of the war, Adequin Rake, is cooling her heels on at the edge of the universe, stuck in a deconstructed battle cruiser at … Continue reading Book Review: The Last Watch

Book Review: Defekt

Defekt by Nino Cipri 🌺🌺🌺🌺/5 When "Don't Be Evil" Fails, Try "Don't Be Boring": It's worked for us since 1958. Derek is LitenVärld's most loyal employee—he lives and breathes the store. He practices customer service mantras in the mirror. He even lives in a shipping container graciously provided by the company in the back lot. … Continue reading Book Review: Defekt

Book Review: Fugitive Telemetry

Fugitive Telemetry by Martha Wells 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺/5 (Hey, I don't want me, either, but I'm stuck with me.) Murderbot is on Preservation Station, and trying to find a place for itself among the annoying humans. When a dead human is found in one of the alleys, all signs point to Murderbot—until Dr Mensah steps in and … Continue reading Book Review: Fugitive Telemetry

Upcoming SFF YA Fiction, April-June 2021

Check out some of my most anticipated YA SFF releases for the second quarter of the year! There are so many! And so many look fantastic! While there are some releases by favorites like Akemi Dawn Bowman, Brittney Morris, Charlie Jane Anders, and Naomi Novik, there are some new (and also new to me) authors … Continue reading Upcoming SFF YA Fiction, April-June 2021

Upcoming SFF, April-June 2021

I'm so excited about all of these new releases!!! There are so many amazing adult science fiction and fantasy releases coming out in 2021, and I feel that the bulk of my most anticipated releases are in the second quarter of the year. *cracks knuckles* I will read them all. Blurbs are from Goodreads April … Continue reading Upcoming SFF, April-June 2021