Promo Time: Two Anthologies releasing today!

I always feel so awkward stumping for my writing. Wooooooohoooooo imposter syndrome.

However, I’m incredibly proud about my fiction, and the fact that ever so slowly, after many fits and starts and self doubt, my work is being published.

I’ve been feeling incredibly grateful and overwhelmed with everything being published this fall (six short stories), and am even more overwhelmed by the fact that two anthologies containing stories by me are being published today. Is this humble bragging? No, this is straight up bragging. I’ve worked my ass off for this, and now I get to disintegrate into a rumpled ball of social anxiety because these anthologies are doing social events!

Misspelled: Magic Gone Awry

The latest in Cursed Dragon Ship’s Legion of Dorks Presents series, this anthology features 16 stories of magic just…not doing what it’s supposed to. Want to curse someone? Watch that backfire in hilarious and infuriating ways!

pink carnations:
I’ll never forget

There’s a magic ER full of curses, an elderly fairy godmother who’s a little hard of hearing, a little girl who summons the monster under her bed on purpose, and a story about two plant witches who hurl curses and insults at each other through coded floral arrangements.

Yes, that last one is mine!

“The Hidden Language of Flowers” was one of the funnest writing experiences I’ve had (second to my Oregon Trail parody), and it was so delightful to capture Edith’s anger, irritation and general grumpiness. It’s sapphic as hell and filled with queer history nuggets—think of them as a code within the code.

Oh—did I mention that 50% of the proceeds for this work go towards Toys for Tots? After the production costs are paid off, 100% of the proceeds go towards this organization, which provides toys to under-privileged children for the holidays.

The other stories in this are really, really fantastic, and I’m so excited to be a part of this collection!

Join us November 9th at 8:45pm (EST) for a live discussion on Twitch

Gaia Awakens: A Climate Crisis Anthology

The climate crisis looms. The Earth awakens.

Climate change. The greatest existential threat in the history of human civilization. And our species is the cause.

We must reforge our roots with our only planet. Humanity must choose a side if it is to survive and thrive.

Join us. Join the World’s Revolution.

Embark on a journey across the planet through 23 stories written by 16 authors from 6 different countries. From superpowered humans taking down polluting industries to genius inventors creating innovative high-tech solutions to protect their communities, Gaia Awakens explores the gauntlet of climate fiction, SciFi and Fantasy alike.

wolves & magic!

My short story, “Team Wolf Anxiety,” is on the lighter side of the offerings, and features twenty-three-year-old Liv, an ace-aro aide worker with her family-run organization as she grapples with her future and a wildfire that could disrupt her family’s mission. It’s set in southern Douglas County, Oregon, in the year 2052, and also features kinda werewolves and not-magic, and if that’s not vague enough then I guess I could try to be vaguer but I’m too lazy.

Anywho, I’m super excited because this is my first time playing in an interconnected universe—and I’m joined by incredibly talented authors!

Join me and the rest of the World’s Revolution authors on Twitter on November 9th as we answer questions throughout the day.

We’ll be hosting an online event on November 11th at 7:30pm EST.

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