Short Story Release! Moody, Queer, Softly Dystopian and Free!

I have a new short story out!

Okay, technically it’s been available on Amazon (in print and ebook) form since October 1st, but “Tell the Crows I’m Home” is available for free on Metaphorosis Magazine‘s website. “Tell the Crows I’m Home” is one of the most intensely personal short stories I’ve ever written, although I pinky promise that it is not about me or anyone in particular (minus that spitting incident, which was fifth grade not sixth and the rest of what that character did is fictional), because it’s set in my home town of Elkton, Oregon,* and what it’s like being queer in a small town (something I never really experienced, being deeply, internally in the closet of my own mind and also because we moved when I was thirteen, although my parents moved back there).

Anywho, it’s about Nicole, an old woman who lives by herself on a farm near the Umpqua River in a soft dystopia, and the stories we tell ourselves to cope with loneliness and isolation. Then Aubrey arrives, and Nicole’s stories begin to fall apart.

Yes, there’s not much more than that. Okay, there is more than that, but I don’t really want to spoil it too badly. Just know it’s super queer, very close to my heart and quite honestly one of the best things I’ve written (IMO).

Despite this bleakness, it really is a story about hope, and I hope that you all check it out.

*Minor caveat: the people of Elkton are much, much nicer than how I portrayed them in Nicole’s mind. It is a wonderful town full of the most caring people.

Small(ish) writing news:

Two of my short stories are releasing in different anthologies on November 9th (yes, the same day), and I’ve love for people to check them out!

“Team Wolf Anxiety” is releasing in Gaia Awakens: A Climate Crisis Anthology. It’s set in southern Douglas County Oregon in 2052, and is about an ace-aro girl living in a world of wildfires, werewolves and water shortages. Liv is working with her family-run humanitarian aid team (filled with werewolf-like people and her two moms), and is struggling with anxiety, thoughts of the future (ugh, college), and how to stretch their meager supplies to last throughout the trip, when a nearby wildfire changes direction and threatens to cut their journey short.

“The Hidden Language of Flowersis releasing in Misspelled: Magic Gone Awry. It’s set in Cottage Grove, Oregon, in 1945, and is about two florist witches who hurl insults at each other through coded floral arrangements. Remember Enola Holmes and the messages her mother sent her using flowers? Just like that, but with magic and insults instead of mysteries, and also written before I even knew that movie existed. Also, this one is hella gay and probably the most fun I’ve ever had writing something although it came out a little more moody—more This is How You Win the Time War (but not as beautifully written because I am not that talented) instead of the Spy vs Spy slapstick comedy I had originally intended.

I’ll be obnoxiously promoting them on twitter and instagram (along with Crows), because I am annoying and also very proud of what the other authors and myself have created, and the hard work the editors have done selecting and crafting these wonderful stories!

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