Top Ten Tuesdays: Covers That Made Me Want to Read the Book

Judging a book by its cover?

Yes please!

I know, I know, we all say we’re objective and base a book solely on its written self, but c’mon. Who doesn’t have a cover style they just adore.

Me, I’ve been really loving the cartoony covers showing up on contemporary romance books, and especially covers with a gorgeous faux retro pop art, glam style. And also covers that are just oozing with drama and flowers and color.

So here are ten books I want to read solely based upon the cover, intermixed with some I’ve already read!

Come be subjective with me

Since I’m a little over ten, I’m going to group these in uh, a kind of order (it makes sense to me).

For whatever reason, I have been loving the cover of The Siren (it also reminds me of Outlawed), and that is pretty much solely the reason why I read it—I mean, the description sounded pretty good but I was mainly drawn in by the cover.

And with the revival of Anything Goes, who can turn down that cover of The Lion’s Den? I needs to read it. And I 100% requested For All Time because of the gorgeous art deco font and roses, along with that brilliant night and day effect. It’s just *chef’s kiss* perfection.

I’ve been a sucker for green satiny dresses ever since Kiera Knightley wore that dress in Atonement, and that is why I finally picked up The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. I had seen it all over social media and everyone was gushing about it, but I was on the fence because the blurb looked kinda awful (plus I was done with the over-saturation of past-present timelines), but then that cover called to me with its siren song and I read it had amazing bi rep, and boom. I loved it.

Which is why when I saw Wild Women and the Blues I knew that I had to read it. Green dress, moody looking woman? Historical fiction? Check and check. I’ll even overlook the dual timeline aspect.

This is my warrior women segment. Farewell, the original shitty covers of Tamora Pierce’s Tortall series (I do love them in a nostalgic way, but they are ugly), and hello to the dramatic and colorful covers of YA warrior fantasy!

The Gilded Ones is both amazing and has been blessed with the most gorgeous cover on the planet, and it’s even prettier in person! And I absolutely added Iron Widow to my TBR because of that cover (and then I realized it was by Xiran Jay Zhao, they of the brilliantly biting review of Disney’s live action Mulan). But seriously, I can stare at these for forever.

My “Woman sniffing a flower while turned in profile” series.

But seriously, these are all gorgeous covers. The colors, the artistry, the everything. With the Fire on High is even more stunning in person, where the colors of the fruit really pop. I had never really seen a cover like Tokyo Ever After that wasn’t on a children’s book, and so it was added to my list (especially after I saw it was a royals book). Island Queen and A Magic Steeped in Poison were both added primarily because the covers are breathtaking, and also because the blurbs sound good.

Adventuretime series! I haven’t read either of these, but The Layover is giving me serious The Unhoneymooners vibes, and I want something that’s going to make me laugh and scream as much as that book did (although I doubt this one will).

The Hitchhiker in Panama, well, isn’t that quite like Romancing the Stone? Anyone getting that feel? Anyway, with The Lost City of D coming in 2022, I want to recapture the feeling of two bumbling idiots trapped on a wild adventure in a country where they have no idea what is going on—and they fall in love.

This is my catch-all section, although it could be considered the “round objects suspended in air” if you want to get philosophically artsy.

Black Water Sister has a cover that is stunning online but even more gorgeous in person (the book is checked out from the library right now), and those purples and reds really pop! Great Circle caught my eye, and I’ve been wanting to read more literary-ish fiction recently, and that cover (and the blurb) just sang to me. Very old-school cover, giving me the rough-papered vibes of a 1960s Penguin Classic. And In the Jaded Grove…that cover is stunning. No clue what the book’s about, just willing to read it because of the cover.

Have you read any of these?

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