Book Review: The King of Faerie

The King of Faerie by AJ Lancaster


Hetta and Wynn battle time and the will of their friends, family and foes to get married, become accepted into society, and figure out their respective magics. If only things were that easy. Because Hetta is pregnant, and her baby has the magic of human and fae—a deadly combination that is spiraling out of control.

If she had to choose one thing she disliked most about her current state—well, aside from the unpredictable nausea—it was the way it made some people look at her as if impending motherhood had become her only relevant personality trait.

This is the fourth book, and as such, it’s going to be an incredibly short review riddled with spoilers (okay, *some* spoilers) because there is just so much to sum up in the previous books.

The Lord of Stariel was one of my surprise favorites, and the Stariel quartet has continued to surprise and enthrall me with each installation. I loved the twists and turns, even when I saw them coming, and I loved the characters and setting and Stariel itself.

Each book has been like stepping into a warm hug. I don’t know how to describe it beyond that, but Hetta’s journey has been fantastic and I want more of the prodigal daughter returning to family after time away, of becoming the head of household and trying to transform her estate, family and country so that she and hers can live happily, all while struggling against the weight of history and a lack of knowledge at every turn.

Overall, this final book was fantastic and wonderful and even though it was 550-something pages I still want another 100 or 1000 more of my favorites. This was the perfect end* of the quartet, and I’m so, so happy. And I am so enthused to have been given the opportunity to read the advanced copy, because I will take any opportunity to hype this wonderful series.

*there is going to be a *technical* book five, with Marius and Rakken and murder and mayhem. But Hetta and Wyn’s storyline is set.

I received this ARC from the author for an honest review.

The King of Faerie is available for sale now!

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