Writing Update: Two New Short Stories Out Now!

I have great news!

Not one, but two of my short stories are out this month!

After over a year of having absolutely nothing accepted by literally anyone in 2020 (okay, so I did have two things published—my novella, Evie and the Pack-Horse Librarians and my debut novel, That Distant Dream, but those were both accepted back in 2019), I have had four acceptances and two rewrite requests (and a fuckton of rejections, but we’re focusing on the positives today).

Anywho, to the good stuff!

Sapphic lovers to enemies to lovers aboard a magical aircraft carrier.

Secondary worlds. Sapphic women. Pilot drama. Intuition magic. Weird magical bubble-things. A naval battle. And more!

Check it out for free on Luna Station Quarterly’s Issue 046

Way back in the day, I used to write a lot of short stories. And then I stopped. A couple years ago, I picked it back up and “To Steal a Prince of the Moon” was literally the second short story I wrote after my very long hiatus.

It’s a weird one (originally titled “Blackfish Redux”), and has gone through quite a few revisions, but the core story remained the same: an epistolary science fiction short story about a merman stolen from a galactic aquarium.

Eleven rejections later, I found one last magazine to send it to: Black Cat Magazine, a new start-up in Eugene, Oregon (where I went to high school!!). The theme was revolution, and I was like, huh, this story actually fits that prompt.

I had already told myself that this would be my last time subbing this one. I’d been trying to get it published for nearly two years, and it just wasn’t happening. Feedback was that the idea was fantastic, but the format wasn’t engaging. So I tweaked it again and submitted, and was not surprised to get a twelfth rejection.

Fast forward to two weeks later, when I got a surprise email from Black Cat Magazine—they’d had a bunch of submissions from several Laurels, and had sent the rejection letter to the wrong one!


Twelfth time’s the charm, and you can read “To Steal a Prince of the Moon” in Black Cat Magazine’s inaugural issue (for free) here.

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