Book Review: The Ex Talk

The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon


Shay Goldstein has always wanted to be on radio. Never mind that she doesn’t have a voice for radio. She’s determined to make it on the air. She’s put in the time (ten years), she’s the producer of a talk show, and she’s got a plan. Until her nemesis derails it. Dominic Yun has worked at her station for four months, and, after graduating from Northwestern with a master’s in journalism, is convinced he knows everything about radio.

The banter between the two is legendary, and when Shay proposes a brilliant idea for a talk show run by two exes that dives into relationships, her boss gives her an ultimatum—she and Dominic pretend to be exes and headline the show, or the stations tanks and she gets laid off. The three concoct a plan, and the show is a hit, but the lies—and their undeniable chemistry—is creeping up on them.

Every time I imagined adulthood, it looked different from this reality.

Practically perfect in every way.

I never thought I’d be bowled over by a book about public radio, but holy moly this did. I loved Shay’s banter and chemistry with Dominic, and I loved the secondary characters! Ruthie! Paloma! Shay’s mom and Phil! Even Adeema and TJ!

Fuck Kent though.

I loved Shay, and I loved that she was slowly realizing that what she thought she desired no longer completely fit—and that she could find happiness slowly but surely. She owned a house because that was her goal before 30, and then she adopts a dog on a whim, and she and the terrifying Steve are on a roll. She’s coming to terms with her mom’s remarriage ten years after her dad’s unexpected death, and the idea that her duo is going to be a squad. On top of that, her best friend/surrogate sister has a chance to pursue her goals, but that dream will take her across the country. Shay was messy, complicated and really, really fucking good at her job, no matter what her misogynistic boss thought.

And I loved how her relationships with her female coworkers went, and how they evolved and figured things out, and their communication.

And I loved her relationship with Dominic, from their banter to their chemistry to their everything. And the Beanie Babies. I will never stop laughing.

Seriously though. Fuck Kent.

But maybe that’s what we all are—halfway-broken people searching for things that will smooth our jagged edges.

I received this ARC from NetGalley for an honest review

The Ex Talk releases Jan 26, 2021 from Berkley

2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Ex Talk

  1. I love your review! And 1000% approve the ‘Fuck Kent’ message. This book was amazing in so many ways. I never knew I needed a fake lovers to exs to lovers story until I read this one. It far exceeded my expectations and I loved Shay and Dominic together. – Amber

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