Tackle That TBR

Since it’s 2021 and we’re all trying to get a handle on our towering, wobbling TBRs, I wanted to share this challenge I host on Goodreads with the Procrastinators Book Club.

It’s the fourth time we’ve hosted TTT, and the second time I’ve run it!

This year we have 52 prompts, inspired by suggestions from the group, the PopSugar Reading Challenge and a couple other reading challenges I saw floating around on the interwebs.

The aim is to make a scaleable, accessible way for folks to join, have fun, diminish their TBR a little, and not feel pressured to read too much, so there are various options and all are equally fantastic!

There are three levels: Traveler, Explorer and Adventurer.

  • Traveler. Choose and read 12 prompts.
  • Explorer. Choose and read 24 prompts.
  • Adventurer. Read all 52 prompts.

The prompts are broken down into 6 categories.

Choose Your Player
1. The main character is trans, non-binary, genderfluid or agender
2. A fantasy book where the main character is not royal
3. The main character is The Chosen One
4. The main character is Black
5. The main character is South Asian
6. The main character is Indigenous or biracial
7. The main character is under 16
8. The main character is over 18
9. The main character works your current or dream job
10. The main character has a disability or is neuro-diverse (#ownvoices)

Discover Your Author
11. Read an author you have never read before
12. A book by a Muslim, Jewish or Hindu author
13. A book by an author of Asian descent
14. A book by an author from your home state/province or country
15. A book by a Latinx or Hispanic author
16. A book by a Black author
17. A book by an Indigenous author
18. A book by a trans, non-binary, genderfluid or agender author
19. A book by an author who died before 1950
20. A book by an author who is an immigrant or first-generation
21. A book by an author with a disability

Around the World
22. Read a book set in the Caribbean/Central America
23. Read a book set in South America
24. Read a book set in Africa
25. Read a book set in Europe
26. Read a book set in Asia
27. Read a book set in Oceania/Australia
28. A book set somewhere you’d like to visit

Cover Quest
29. A book with mountains on the cover
30. A book with leaves or trees on the cover
31. A book with an animal on the cover
32. A book with a semi-naked person on the cover
33. A book with a snake on the cover
34. A book with a crown or throne on the cover
35. A book with just title and author (minimal design) on the cover

Genre Hunt
36. Read a dystopian published after 2014
37. Read a book about a social justice issue
38. Read a history book on a subject that wasn’t covered in school
39. Read a contemporary romance
40. Read a space opera
41. Read a work of literary fiction
42. Read a political/military/legal thriller
43. Read a book someone recommended
44. Read a nonfiction book with a scientific topic
45. Read a paranormal fiction book

Boolean Search
46. Listen to an audiobook AND over 15 hours
47. Read an #ownvoices AND LGBT romance
48. Read a historical fiction novel NOT set in Europe
49. Read a horror/thriller/mystery written by a Black author OR author of color
50. Read a book on your TBR AND for over three years
51. Read a bestseller from the 90s OR 00s
52. Read a book published in 2021 AND by a favorite author

Anywho, if this looks interesting, you are more than welcome to join our group and join the challenge here!

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