Today is My Book’s Debut!

Folks, I am so excited about today!

That Distant Dream releases from NineStar Press, and it’s just—there are no words. This book has been in the works for ten years (which is why I’m struggling with the sequel), and after years of writer’s block, writing, revisions and anxiety, it’s seeing people for the second time!

I had posted an earlier version of the book on Wattpad in 2018, where it gained a bit of traction relatively quickly—it was a Wattpad Feature story and then made the Wattpad Shortlist. I took the story down in October 2018 because I realized that I wanted to try for traditional publishing—however, because it had been published on Wattpad, it counted as previously published. After a lot of editing and rewriting, I submitted it to NineStar when my editor asked if I had anything else after Evie and the Pack-Horse Librarians. And she loved it!

Anywho, the blurb is a little vague, but this is a science fantasy book that touches upon ableism, colonialism, PTSD, a woman misplaced in time, and moving on from a past that won’t let go. It’s slower paced but there are pockets of action!

Also, if you’re interested in military science fiction about a queer military veteran written by a queer military veteran then…here you go!

That Distant Dream

Goodreads synopsis:

After her escape pod is found drifting through debris nearly two decades after the end of the Redelki Wars, Melin is woken from cryosleep to find a galaxy where she no longer belongs. The galaxy has moved on from the horrors she experienced, the experiences that transformed her into a hero while she slept, but she hasn’t.

Alone, broken in mind and body, Melin is slowly pulled to the planet of her ancestors. She just wants a fresh start. A chance to end the dreams plaguing her sleep. A chance for answers. For new beginnings. For a life lived in oblivion where no one knows her name or what she did.

But Satura is a planet at war. And there are no fresh starts for heroes.

Available in ebook form from NineStar, Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo and Angus & Robertson.

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