It’s National Coming Out Day!

Still recovering from my in-law invasion (love them, but they are best served in small doses) so I haven’t written much and my back-log of book reviews is once again reaching towering heights (*whispers* November 9 flame rant, I will get to you).

BUT today is National Coming Out Day, and I am finishing editing a short story about two witches who engage in a war of insults using the language of flowers.

How does this relate to National Coming Out Day? Because it’s set in the fall, and each date they send something to each other is a day that is important to the queer community—and the flowers correspond to the flags in question!

Anywho, it’s set in 1945 Oregon (Cottage Grove!), it’s a historical fantasy and I’m super excited to finally finish it!

Fingers crossed I can find a home for it when I’m done.

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