Hey all!

It’s been almost a week since I’ve posted any reviews (and longer since I’ve written any, thanks to prescheduled posts), and while not many folks read my stuff I wanted to give a quick update.

My mental and physical health has not been great this past month, what with work being delightfully shitty, my self-loathing ramping up to skyscraper heights, shit breaking down all over the place, pet sickness, and anxiety going into overdrive as I stare at my mounting pile of unwritten book reviews and the edits for my upcoming novel.

So I’m going to go on a brief hiatus.

At least until I finish the edits, then I can get back to reviewing books…and hopefully writing the sequel to this novel (or writing anything—at this point, I just want to write something good).

Stay safe, wear your masks and wash your hands.


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