Book Review: You Deserve Each Other

You Deserve Each Other by Sarah Hogle


Naomi and Nicholas are the perfect couple. Their social media is pristine. They never fight. They are getting married in three months in an all-out wedding. And Naomi wants out. She’s sick of Nicholas, sick of his family, sick of pretending everything is perfect when it was clearly not. One problem: if she ends it, she’s on the hook for half the wedding her future-MIL has decided she needs to have. There’s only one thing a girl’s gotta do to get dumped…

Eh. It got better, but fuck Naomi was awful. Nicholas wasn’t much better. I had trouble believing that they were in their thirties, since they were both so immature and emotionally stunted.

I should have DNF’d this, but it has so many raving reviews that I. pressed. through.

Do I regret my choice?


Did I find it as hysterically funny as friends had said?

Of course, I am a cynical bastard, so YMMV with this one.

There were definitely parts where I was flat out laughing, but I spend more time yelling at Naomi to pull her head out of her ass than anything. She was selfish, self-centered and a flaming hypocrite. When Nicholas asked her about fixing her car, she snaps that she can fix it on her own and then takes it to a shop, because #feminism (spoiler: this is not feminism). She spouts a lot of other high minded ideas that are…completely twisted on what the ideas are.

And I’m like…this is who we are supposed to be rooting for? A girl who is stuck in a ho-hum relationship with a man who gives her zero support but pays all the bills, who actively pushes away her fiance without trying to communicate her feelings, hates his absolutely horrible mother, and overall acts like a three year old in desperate need of a nap? Plus, she’s content with her minimum wage job at a thrift store (there is nothing wrong with that), mainly because she gets to hang out with her four friends all day and do um, very little to actually try and sell things (I did have a problem with this).

Granted, Nicholas isn’t much better, but his is more due to elitism and a lack of personality than anything. Why he stays with her is beyond me, since she straight up treats him like garbage. Then again, he drives a gold Maserati so…yeah.

Okay, so they get better. Marginally.

Naomi does have an epiphany about her horrific behavior.

Nicholas becomes a real boy instead of a wooden puppet.

They move into the woods and engage in a series of shenanigans (which I have to admit were funny) and rekindle their possible feelings for each other. Nicholas rightly calls Naomi out on how checked out she has been and how awful she was.


They should absolutely, positively, never ever ever in a million years have stayed together. How they even got together in the first place was beyond me. Nicholas is a wooden mama’s boy (albeit one who begins rebelling a little—his previous throwing Naomi to the wolves with the wedding and everything is um, still not good) and Naomi gains the emotional capacity and empathy of a spoiled five year old.

So I guess, happily for now?

Three stars because I was entertained in a lot of areas if not delighted, and I did find sympathy for Naomi’s out of work and job searching state.

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