ARCs Available! An LGBTQIA+ Fantasy Novella

Evie and the Pack-Horse Librarians

Hi everyone!

I wrote a book!

Okay, it’s a novella, but it’s a cozy fantasy about a young copy editor who gets exiled to the mountains to become a pack-horse librarian.

While this is set in the world of Arsibelle, I drew a lot of inspiration from the real pack-horse librarians of the Great Depression (and inspired by an online article from a couple years ago!).

This book has:

✅ Pack-horse librarians

✅ A f/f slow-burn romance

✅ Queer everyone!

✅ Very Opinionated Cats Accustomed to a Certain Standard of Living

✅ Book witches

✅ A cute, fluffy novella

The novella releases from NineStar Press on August 17, 2020, however I do have eARCs available if you would like to read, review and support a small-press author.

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