Book Review: Furiously Happy

Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson


“There will be moments when you have to be a grown-up. Those moments are tricks. Do not fall for them.”

I don’t normally read memoirs, but this was hysterically funny. I laughed so hard in some places that I peed a little. TMI? Or just in the spirit of overshare that is this book?

I don’t know what else to say about it, other than—definitely listen to the audiobook, because Lawson’s narration is hysterical and also because then you can reenact my Monday morning commute, where I was doubled up over the steering wheel laughing so hard that the cop pulled up beside me was looking over in concern at the crazy lady crying during the middle of the pandemic. Then I laughed harder and peed myself. Then had to go into work with unpleasantly soggy undies. #welcometomiddleage

I think part of why I loved this so much was because Lawson writes how I think. She put words into my feelings on depression and so many other things. I haven’t been diagnosed from anything because going to the doctor is a) terrifying and b) welp, military medicine gave me a deep distrust of medical peoples (sorry medical peoples).

However, I truly loved how Lawson decided to live her life furiously happy, as ridiculous as that sounds and however indelicate or perverse it might be coming from a person with chronic depression. But she’s going to be furiously happy because that’s the cure for chronic depression (it’s not), but out of spite. And honestly, what better way to live your life?

“Normal is boring. Weird is better. Goats are awesome, but only in small quantities.”

Anywho, I wasn’t planning on reading this book at all, because as much as I saw it all over the fucking place the cover was weird and the subtitle was also kinda odd and the blurb didn’t really help matters.

However, while holding down a shift at the Citizen’s Phone Bank during the middle of this pandemic, I got into a conversation with the Deputy Director of EMS, who is, like me, a Weird One. And she was talking nonstop about how she was only 52 pages into the book and laughing her ass off.

So I borrowed a copy from the library and listened to it because I had to know. And then convinced my coworker, who was with me on the and thus had to hear the deputy director talk about it and then me talk about it.

And she listened to the audiobook and forced our coworker who sits next to us and also comes to work early to listen to it too, and then that got a couple other people to walk into us laughing hysterically and peeing a little, and now they are also listening to it.

Who knew that covid-19 wasn’t the only thing that would spread during this pandemic?

Anywho, now I share this review with you.

And maybe you’ll laugh so hard you pee a little, too.

Pro tip: Remember to pack some extra undies on your morning commute 😉

4 thoughts on “Book Review: Furiously Happy

  1. HAHA, this sounds great! I love books that can make you so lost in them that you forgo social conventions. This reminds me of the few books that have caused me to either laugh out LOUD or cry while on the train. Fabulous review!

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