April 2020 Wrap-Up

April is over already!

It felt like it both dragged and flew by, which is um, conflicting? Anywho, while I was stressed, I didn’t have a heavy stress knot sitting on top of my chest for the entirety of the month like I did back in March, so that’s progress?

It helped that we had a rhythm in April, and were fully closed to the public and only offering curbside pickup. And that I avoided Twitter as much as possible and that we were incredibly busy doing projects that we had planned to accomplish while we were open but that were just so much simpler getting done without patrons.

And I stress-read a lot, which is something my wife wasn’t super happy about (because we didn’t really have our time) but dealt with, since she’s doing school-stuff. I read all over the place, so there was no real coherent theme other than I managed to read a number of the ARCs I had been approved for, so that was cool.

I read 17 books this month, which translated into 8 books, 7 audiobooks and two graphic novels. That’s 80 hours of listening (this is not quite accurate, since I’d listened to a bunch of Alexander Hamilton in March and also I listen at 1.5 speed) and 6,445 pages.

And most were 4 stars!


I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed Alexander Hamilton, as the 800+ length was intimidating (same with the 36 hour audiobook). But the audiobook was excellent and except for one or two places, I was engaged throughout the story.

Network Effect was one of my most anticipated ARCs (and SF releases) of this year, and while the middle was a little saggy, the rest of it was peak Murderbot and I loved it. The Last Emperox was a fantastic wrap-up to the Interdependency trilogy, and I’ll admit that I cried a little. World Departed is the beginning of a third trilogy by the mistress of zombie novels, Sarah Lyons Fleming, and despite feeling a little author-inserty, I loved the characters and I loved the fact that it was set in my pseudo hometown of Eugene, Oregon!

I had a rough day, and so used my supervisory powers to convince tech services to process Check, Please: Vol 2 Stick and Scones, and it was precious and wonderful. And of course I read Vol 1 first and so stayed up well past my bedtime to finish the second. But afterwards I was tired but so happy for my baby Bitty.


And here we get into the scattered genres that comes with the mood reader. Furiously Happy was recommended by a coworker from another department, and now three other coworkers at the library are reading it because this is a book that will infect your soul and force you to talk about it to everyone else.

She Came to Slay was on hold with the library for a while, and then popped up and I was like, welp it’s four hours and I already did Hamilton and Washington let’s do Tubman too. It’s solid but the tone of the section titles was too…pop culturey? Grit was solid and made me think a lot about success, resiliency and how I (and others) respond to stressors and failure. Definitely something that was needed, weirdly enough, during this pandemic.

Goldilocks and The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Vampire Slaying were great reads that just slightly missed out on being five stars because they just didn’t have that special something. Samesies with The Consuming Fire.

The Silence of Bones was outside of my usual reading zone, being a historical mystery set in 1800 Korea, but it was really, really good!

And to round up the four stars were two contemporary romances that were funny, light and enjoyable: The Wedding Party and Girl Gone Viral.


And last but not least: You Never Forget Your First by Alexis Coe. It was good and I actually enjoyed how saturated in pop culture it was, but I felt that she only slightly accomplished her goals in breaking down George Washington the myth to George Washington the very fallible man. Definitely a solid read, particularly if you want a break from the thigh-men.

I finished Sleeping Giants this morning, and it was…a disappointment. I enjoyed the mixed media format of the storytelling, but disliked the heavy focus on wundergirl Kara Resnick. It would have been better if every. single. cis male. character. wasn’t obsessed with how attractive she was—her attractiveness second only to her grit and being a fantastic pilot. The alien robots were pretty cool though.

What did you read this month?

5 thoughts on “April 2020 Wrap-Up

  1. Fantastic wrap up Laurel!!! I can’t wait to read Network Effect, but I’ll have to catch up not he novellas first. And I have to get back to The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Vampire Slaying soon, but I think I’ll pick up Little Secrets first, it’s going to expire soon.

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