A Non-Update Update

Hey all,

Long time no posts.

My family and I are safe (for now), but the past couple of weeks have been brutal, as I’m sure many of you are experiencing as well.

The library where I work didn’t close to the public until Saturday, and last week I had to deal with the frustrations and fear of my staff combined with the mixture of panic/denial from our patrons. I was on the expressway to burnout before covid-19 came into our radar, so let’s just say that…I have cried a lot this past week. Stress is brutal and I’m tired of not being enough at my job.

Our county doesn’t have administrative leave to account for emergencies beyond our control, so my staff is stuck between using sick leave or vacation leave if they want to quarantine, which is hell because what if they get covid-19 and are out? If they’ve exhausted their sick/vacation doing what they are supposed to be doing and sheltering in place, then they must take leave without pay to deal with this real sickness. It’s ridiculous. We’re closed to the public, but still have to come in to work and…do some things to help serve the public.

My wife was (and is) working, because full steam ahead at her job. Now is the time to suspend flight operations, but #militarygonnamilitary.

Anywho, lots of depressing and worrisome stuff happening, and all that’s to say that I’ve read a lot (stress reading), eaten a lot (stress eating) and haven’t written much beyond…what you see here on this page (stress block).

I have about 12 book reviews I need to write, and other bookish posts too. I’m hoping to start back this coming weekend, but we’ll see how I feel.

I hope that you and all of yours are safe and are allowed to stay home and shelter in place.

I hope that stricter measures are put into place to prevent the further spread of this virus.

I hope that people complete their census forms online or on the phone, and don’t come into my library during our limited hours to do it. (complete your census forms—it’ll help get your area $$)

Until next time,


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