Book Review: The Right Swipe

The Right Swipe by Alisha Rai


Two rival dating app spokespeople set their eyes—and their hearts—on each other after one ghosts the other.

That’s the bad description! You know, where you try to describe a book/movie as poorly as possible while still being mostly right?

Despite my three stars, this was not a bad book. Three stars is average. This book was light and enjoyable but didn’t make my heart race and my body pulse like I expect from a four or five star romance.

The pacing felt off, and honestly I didn’t really care all that much? Maybe I’m in a romance rut? Because at this point, I kinda know they’re gonna bone around 40-60%, and there’s going to be something tiny that blows into break-up proportions around 75-85%, but after lots of wallowing and thinking they’ll get back together.

Look. Romance is all about the HEA. That’s the genre. It’s not a spoiler.

So this one felt like it was just hitting all of those beats without much heart. At least, not much heart I felt, mainly because reading about millionaires and football players doesn’t do it for me?

I liked Samson, who walked off halfway through a football game—thus retiring early from his NFL career—because of protest from improper concussion care and prevention. He was awkward but kind.

I also like Rhia, who guarded her heart after an emotionally abusive relationship—with her ex ruining her reputation and nearly her career. She was cold, she was professional, but she was also a woman of color operating in the dating app tech world fighting against racist stereotypes in order to be taken seriously. I got her.

And I liked their relationship with each other. I loved their sassy fake dating episodes.

Although it wasn’t entirely memorable and felt very same-samey. After two weeks I should remember more of the plot, and I don’t.

Anywho, to sum up: cute, enjoyable and fantastic representation, but not mind-blowing. It hits its beats, does its job and moves on.

I’ll definitely be reading Girl Gone Viral, mostly because I received an ARC from NetGalley, but also because I really liked Katrina’s character and because the plot sounds amazing.

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