Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Love Interests (Love Freebie)

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

I think I’ve talked a lot about books I’ve absolutely loved, so let’s talk about bookish love interests, aka bookish boyfriends but I’m bi and women and enbies are hot too. Most of these names on the list are dudes, however, but all are going to be over 18 because while I love YA, I don’t find the boys (or girls or enbies or genderfluid folks) attractive because they are children. It always makes me skeevy when adult women in their thirties gush over how hot a YA love interest is (Edward being the exception because although he is a disgusting pedophile he is also…over 100).

Touchstone from Sabriel

Touchstone was probably my first book boyfriend, before I had ever heard of the term (and waaaaay back in the early 00s). I dunno if this is because of how well his dick was described (thank you Garth Nix 😉) or because he was a hot, capable dude in a kilt with well-muscled thighs, but dude is smoking. And he wields double swords and is a battle charter mage and also a lost prince, so that’s pretty cool too.

Curran from Magic Bites

Actually, Curran from the entire Kate Daniels series. Dude is strong with a wicked sense of humor, and there’s just something him that I love. He’s fiercely devoted without falling into too many of the pitfalls most alpha males fall into (although he is weirdly obsessive and protective, but not really into the part where it crosses the line into dictating everything Kate does).

Ivy from Dead Witch Walking

Admittedly, I didn’t finish this series (and I also had a weird attraction to Tad or Thad or whatever the dickish human kingpin was…yes, I generally have trash taste in men), but I did really have a thing for Ivy. My feelings for her were strange, since I didn’t understand my own sexuality at the time and thought I was straight. But despite her stereotypical bad girl coolness (and semi-stalkery tendencies), she is hot and dangerous and bi as fuck. And deserves way better than the dumpster fire that is Rachel Morgan.

Zahra from Red, White and Royal Blue

Oh, you thought I was going to mention Alex or Henry? Seriously, fuck those shits. Zahra is the star of the book (along with Amy and Cash), because she literally orchestrated the entire election and kept Alex’s dumb self out of as much trouble as possible. She’s super competent, super scary and omg hot as fuck. And a damn good deal-breaker (that ring) and fear-monger to protect the people who are totally, positively, absolutely not her friends because she does not get attached to people. Nope nope nope. Cold as ice.

Shevraeth from Crown Duel

I refuse to call him by his actual name, and I refuse to accept his prequel (which was godawful) or the novelette sequel (where Mel’s character became weepy, sappy and weak as fuck) as things that actually happened. However, there’s something about a mysterious man in a cape who’s very good at his job and also mysterious and dangerous (and this is why I can totally see the attraction people have to the Darkling, despite his being an absolute homicidal megalomaniac), and also secretly running a rebellion against the king he is supposedly serving. And those love letters. OMG. Yes. As a person with walls three miles thick, Shevraeth’s sneaky romancing was just *chef’s kiss*.

Raoul from Squire

Tall, strong, titled and the Knight Commander of the King’s Own, Raoul nevertheless is petrified by social gatherings involving noblewomen…particularly shark-eyed noblewomen looking to pair him with one of their dainty daughters. His sense of humor and knowledge are so attractive, and I love how he interacts with Kel (his version of The Talk was so delightfully awkward) and does his duty, always. While I loved him as a mentor figure when I was young, during the last couple of rereads adult me was going hells yes. What can I say? I like a competent man with a sense of humor.

Jamie from Outlander

Honestly, I wasn’t as enamored with Jamie from the first book, mainly because he’s kinda a chauvinistic ass with one too many traumatic brain injuries (seriously, the number of times that boy gets bonked on the head), but Jamie from like, book 2, 3 and 4 is holy fucking smoking fire balls. Plus, this is one of the few movie/television adaptations that’s just as good if not better than the book series, and that’s mainly because the casting is on fire. Sam Heughan is the perfect Jamie, and Caitriona Balfe is the perfect Claire.

Amaranthe and Sicarius from The Emperor’s Edge

And for my last entry, a twofer! Sicarius is the hot, blond (albeit with a shitty haircut) and super dangerous assassin who unironically wears nothing but black and also has no sense of humor or personality beyond mission and kill, but who slowly becomes human over the course of the series and realizes that he has *gasp* feelings for Amaranthe. And Amaranthe, the perpetually optimistic, super intelligent and competent leader of the Emperor’s Edge, who refuses to take the impossible as fact. I love her so much, and there’s a scene in one of the last books that nearly broke me because she became broken and battered so much that her spark finally faltered.

Who’re your bookish love interests?

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