Mid Month Musings: November 2019

It’s mid-November, and this month has been busy, and is only going to get busier. Every weekend is jam packed with either travel or work, and this home-body is not liking it, mainly because travel and work cuts into my reading time.

On the other hand, somehow I’ve managed to read eight books so far this month, which is a drastic increase from the previous months. So either I’m getting better at time management (hah) or what I’ve been reading has just been pretty short.

What I’ve Read So Far

Yes, if these books all seem super duper random, then welcome to my reading habits—which are all over the place. Some people have beautifully curated reading lists. Mine is all over the wall. A middle grade graphic novel. A nonfiction book on psychology. Young adult fantasy. Young adult contemporary. Adult fantasy. Adult contemporary. Historical fiction. Just pick a damn genre and stick with it, right?

Three of these (Foundryside, The Only Woman in the Room and Talking to Strangers), were audiobooks, and Guts is a graphic novel. Only Slay was a (much over-due) ARC. I loved almost all of these, giving them four stars or higher (minus Sweep of the Blade and The Only Woman in the Room).

Currently Reading

Technically, I’m reading four books, but I’m probably going to DNF A Treason of Thorns for now. I have the ARC but was trying to listen to the audiobook so that I would um, actually read it, and I am just not jivving with the narrator’s voice. I might pick up the book sometime, but it’s not calling to me.

I’m currently in a buddy read with Angel Mage, and have Sorcerer to the Crown on hiatus until I finish the first book (although I might put it down for the same reasons I decided to put down Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell—I don’t care for the stifly stuffiness of this period’s writing). I haven’t started listening to Frankly in Love yet, since I just finished listening to Talking to Strangers about an hour ago, but I’m excited to read it!


I’m going a little sci-fi heavy at the end of the month, but these are what are looking really good right now…and also what I have checked out from the library right now or have owned for a little bit. I don’t have a good track record with mermaid books, but those have all been YA fantasy, and these are decidedly much darker. Fingers crossed I enjoy them.

But this is my plan, which could completely change since I am a mood reader and my whims control what I read, because I might not enjoy something depending on my current reading mood.

And of course I’m dying to read The Queen of Nothing, but aren’t we all? Fingers crossed I get this from the library quickly. Fingers crossed my library stocks this thing.

What have you read so far this month?

What are you excited to read?

2 thoughts on “Mid Month Musings: November 2019

  1. “I don’t care for the stifly stuffiness of this period’s writing”

    Oh same. Sorcerer to the Crown is the book I struggled with the most because of the writing – English isn’t my first language, and there was no reason for me to know all those antiquated words, so I had to look things up every two minutes. Which, seeing how stuffy this book was, also meant that my motivation for reading it was barely there even though I was liking the story.
    Good luck with your TBR, I hope Crier’s War is as good as the hype says!

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