Writing Highs…and Lows

This week has brought some incredible writing highs…after several months of lows and rejections.

In March 2019, I published The Book Woman through Less Than Three Press. It did not sell very well, and then LT3 closed its doors in July.

This was after nearly a year of rejections for one of my short stories, Vasilisa and the Night Witches.


In August Vasilisa was accepted by Helios Quarterly. Contract is signed—and it’s set for publication in September 20…21. So a while but what’s another year??

And this week, The Moonlight Anthology Kickstarter began. One of my favorite short stories, “Recipe for a Love Spell,” is within the anthology, which features short stories and comics about queer werewolves written by queer writers and artists.

And TODAY my novella The Book Witch (renamed) was accepted for a reprint by another LGBTQIA+ publisher.

I’m so excited and my heart is so full.

Which means that more rejections on several more of my stories are forthcoming, but that’s the deal with being a writer.

You win some, and you lose a lot.

And maybe now I’ll actually finish my f/f YA princess story.

It needs so much work.

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