September Wrap-Up

September was a kinda disappointing month.

I only read ten books: four audiobooks, one graphic novel, four ARCs and one owned physical book. Stats-wise: 3,312 pages (total, including audiobooks), 49 hours of audiobooks.

However, since we were moving (still), had Hurricane Dorian and I was involved with Hurricane Dorian prep and recovery (yay phone bank!), and then dealt with a tooth abscess over two weeks (note: am still recovering from surgery, double yay), and have been swamped at my new job, I think ten books is pretty good.

But as a themed month, Sci Fi September was a hit! I read some fantastic books.

I just wish I had been able to read more.


Three five star reads this month! For three entirely different reasons. Gideon the Ninth was everything I didn’t know I wanted in a book: lesbian necromancers, weird bone shit, bone nuns, sword fighting, a murder mystery and snark up the wazoo. The Gurkha and the Lord of Tuesday was the dystopian-mystery I never knew I wanted—unexpectedly hilarious and poignant and scary all at once. Algorithms, folkx. Algorithms should be the villain of every horror film because damn. The Mercury 13 was the story of the women who tried to be first into space alongside the Mercury 7—and it is excellent. I’ll be honest, I cried at the end. And I need to write a review for it…I’ll get caught up, I swear!


I got behind on writing reviews this month too! Empire of Sand and Good Omens were both good, but I haven’t written reviews for them yet because my feelings are all over the place on both! I will admit though (and you may unfollow me because I’m about to commit a book blasphemy), I liked the miniseries adaptation of Good Omens better than the book. There! I said it! I feel like the miniseries adopted the best bits and left a lot of the inherent sexism of the last one out (reading about War’s slinky slinkiness was…ehhhhhhh).

Last Pick: Born to Run has quickly become one of my favorite MG graphic novel series (and there are so many I love!) People with disabilities and neurodivergent peoples are the heroes! And so much diversity! Yay! The Tethered Mage was a beautifully plotted fantasy that was fast-paced, political, well imagined and had great character arcs—and bonus it brought back a lot of nostalgia for fantasy I loved as a young adult. Sisters of the Vast Black was another book about nuuuuuuuuuns in spaaaaaaaaaace, and it was excellent—I predict it will be nominated for several awards next year. The Future of Another Timeline was one I finished right as the clock ticked towards October—and so I’m still trying to wrap my head around this time-traveling feminist queer mind-bender. It was interesting.


Undercity was the one three-star read of this month—a science fiction that felt more like an urban fantasy mystery plopped in a sci fi setting. To be fair, I DNF’d a couple other books, but I stuck through Undercity because 1) audiobook 2) I paid for it (although this was an Audible return) and 3) it was a long-time TBR lingerer. It was an interesting story, but I quickly grew weary of Bhaj’s obsession with women being taller than her, Jack’s lean everything, and the constantly changing rules of the Undercity’s truncated speech patterns (and in audiobook format, lemme tell you it was painful to listen to those call and response scenes). The gender-stereotype switches were interesting to see, but the book was so firmly cemented in a gender binary that it quickly became frustrating and felt outdated.

And that was my September!

I managed to read a number from my backlist TBR, although not nearly as many as I wanted to read for the month.

Here’s hoping October goes better. And that I can catch up on all my ARCs 😬

I’m wanting to change up my wrap-up/TBR format. Which do you like better?


What books were your favorite reads this month?

2 thoughts on “September Wrap-Up

  1. Looks like you had a good month! Hopefully October will be just as good!
    My favourite read of the month was The poppy war!
    (I like the first one best 🙂 )


    Liked by 1 person

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