July 2019 TBR

I already posted this image on my June Wrap-Up, but wanted to highlight some of my high priority reads (and also create a priority list that I will follow this time).

Being a mood reader is so fun, sometimes.

Currently Reading

Deep River is a behemoth, and I’m a little nervous about reading it because I have so many more ARCs to read this month and I’m worried that it’ll make me fall behind. It might be one that I have to wait for the audiobook, which is how I read Ken Follet’s excellent Fall of Giants (Deep River is giving me similar vibes, even if it’s in a different setting). I’m finally listening to Coming Out Under Fire, although I might have to put it on the backburner since Maid just came in on Overdrive.

Buddy Reads

Last month was the first time I ever did a Buddy Read, and I had so much fun that I kinda went overboard this month. But I think these will go pretty fast this time. Hopefully. My goal is to knock all three of these out fast. I loved The Poet X, and have high hopes for With the Fire on High (also it’s a library book and due back on July 16th, so I need to hustle). I’m a little nervous about the other two, mostly because I’ve had a bad run with YA fantasy recently.


Next two out are The Bookish Life of Nina Hill and Breathe In, Cash Out, on July 9th. Six days away omg *scrambles to finish Deep River*. I’m excited about all of these, although really nervous about The Merciful Crow because…YA fantasy (and some reviews I’ve read that said it was a little generic and bland). I had initially requested it because crows, and also because I’d thought it was adult fantasy. Here’s hoping it’s ok.

Library Books/Audiobooks

I am going to try my best to get to these. Aside from Maid (audiobook), I’ve checked these um, a couple times already. It’s not quite to the point where the library tech asks if I’m actually going to read them, but it’s getting noticeable. I think July might be slow, so I’m going to do my best and power through.

Owned Books/Audiobooks

And here’s where I get a little ambitious. I’ve already started listening to Coming Out Under Fire, but with a time crunch on Maid I’ll have to set that aside (again). I also want to listen to Unbecoming, but I think that at three audiobooks for the month I might be pushing it a little—although we do have some long road trips planned. Jade City and Sorcerer to the Crown are on my high priority TBR and fingers crossed I can get to them!

That’s almost it! I have a couple more ARCs releasing in early August (and some more library books, like The Huntress) that I want to try to get in, but I have a feeling that finishing a long read like Deep River is going to limit how much I can get in.

My other goal for July (aside from reading all these books *sweats a little*), is to actually post my book reviews for the month onto this blog instead of just on Goodreads.

Wish me luck!

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