Sci Fi Friday: Superheroes!

I do like me a good superhero book.

Back in my middle and high school days, however, it was not “cool” for girls to read comic books or get into nerd culture. So I would sneak into the library during the summer and methodically read through X-Men, starting with the originals and on to the current early 2000s era. Then I moved on to Spider-Man, although I wasn’t a huge fan of Peter Parker. I dabbled a bit in DC, particularly with Batman (Superman—minus Superman: Red Son—is kinda boring).

And the sometime at the beginning of college I just stopped reading comics and superheroes. In 2006 I was in San Diego coincidentally at the same time Comic Con was being held—and I could find no one who wanted to go with me. This is definitely my one main regret in life, because now apparently you have to sacrifice both your favorite kidney and the souls of all of your potential children to score a ticket.

Enter 2008. Iron Man was released. Before the movie, I kinda just rolled my eyes because the Avengers weren’t the best comic—everyone knows that X-Men is the best super team! However, Iron Man changed my mind and Captain America: The First Avenger made me fall in love with Marvel’s universe all over again. There might have been something about the dieselpunk aesthetic of Captain America that had a hand in my love with the MCU.

But two years ago I took a graphic novels course for my library degree, and it rekindled my love for sequential art. Since then, I’ve gobbled up a lot of graphic novels and comics.

However, even though I’ve gotten back into reading comics and graphic novels, I’ve steered away from superheroes.

Mostly because it’s so damn frustrating figuring out where to start.

Where’s the best entry into the series? Where do you start?

Personally, when it comes to the Avengers I’m happy to leave it at the movies and not go any deeper, but that’s just me.

Plus, nerddom is filled with gate-keeping and misogyny, and I just don’t want to deal with that at all because it is exhausting and I’m just not really into fandoms too much to get really invested (I circle the outside but never get too involved—yay imposter syndrome and anxiety).

But the point of this post is to highlight some of my favorite superhero books (and some comics).

Because there are many, and there have been so many fantastic ones that I have loved. And despite not reading too many superhero comics over the years, there are one or two that I follow with devotion (G. Willow Wilson’s Ms. Marvel being one of the top ones—and it just wrapped up this year 😭).

My Favorite Superhero Books

Admittedly, while I really enjoyed Vicious, I absolutely hated Vengeful (I listened to the audiobook and the narrator was horrific). The same thing happened with After the Golden Age, which I read when it was first released way back when. But I adored the entire Steelheart trilogy, and I loved Renegades (still need to read Archenemies before Supernova releases in November), and I cannot wait for the third book in the Nemesis trilogy (Dreadnought is book one).

My Favorite Superhero Comics

I was scrolling through my Goodreads graphic novel and superheroes shelves, and realized just how few superhero comics I have listed. When it comes to comics, I just really do not read superheroes, despite loving the mythos behind all of it (one of the reasons why I adored After the Golden Age, despite its many flaws).

So I made a list of comics that I want to read, and that I will get to. Eventually. After I finish catching up on Giant Days (which is just the best series ever, IMO).

My Superhero TBR

If you’re thinking, wow Laurel, you sure read a lot of women…well. Yeah. I don’t really care to read about extra-bulgy muscle male superheroes with alpha male complexes. It doesn’t interest me. I also don’t like hyper-sexualized women in superhero comics (yet another reason why I stepped away from comics for so long), because they feel very objectified…and no, I really don’t need fanboys jumping into to defend their large-bosomed heroines.

Any superhero comics you suggest I pick up next?

Which are your favorites?

4 thoughts on “Sci Fi Friday: Superheroes!

  1. Love this post! I’ve been recently complaining that there’s not enough superheroes for adults. I don’t read comics or graphic novels very often, so I guess that’s partially my fault, but I do love a good superhero book. Sanderson’s Reckoners series was one of the first that I read, since I didn’t grow up particularly into superheroes. I absolutely LOVED Vicious, but I wasn’t as big a fan of Vengeful, either. I haven’t read Dreadnought yet, but it’s on my TBR (along with its sequel).

    As I said, I don’t tend to read comics, but I did just finish reading The Girl Who Could Move Sh*t with Her Mind by Jackson Ford, and I loved it! It’s a humor superhero book with a reluctant hero and plenty of action (not to mention sarcasm). I’m also really looking forward to Loki: Where Mischief Lies by Mackenzi Lee, which will be the first of three books by her.

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  2. I’m getting to reading comics super late in life, but I love Marvel ones ! I actually like Spiderman in the comics and absolutely LOVE Iron Man in the movies. I’m still not over Endgame, btw…

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