Book Review: Red, White and Royal Blue


Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

This is a world that imagines—what if a woman won the presidency in 2016? What if she was a Texan Democrat? What if she was a divorcee with two grown biracial children? What if these children were first generation immigrants?

What if her son was bi?

And what if he fell in love with the Crown Prince of England?

Look folks, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m trash for thinly masked parallel universe royalty fanfics (I still love The Royal We with all my crotchety heart), but I hesitantly tip-toed into this book because I was a little wary of 1) the hype and 2) the fact this is a m/m romance written by a woman.

But this is endearingly, utterly, devastatingly sweet. 

It started off very clunky, with writing that was more tell than show and wandered indecisively between past and present tense, but then I got sucked into the characters and this world and holy hell it is so endearingly sweet and I loved every. single. supporting character (minus the bad guys, obviously).

Cash, who orchestrated Alex’s and June’s love lives with the flair of a cruise director, who wears a pink feather boa in a gay bar like whatevs.

Amy, a fucking Navy SEAL and trans woman and Secret Service agent and all around badass.

Shaan, with his hot ass and British-Indian perfectness.

Nora and June and Bea and Pez, two parts of the Unholy Trinity and four parts of the Sinister Six and all parts supporting and understanding.

Ellen and her powerpoint slide titles.

Rafael Luna and his Skittles and Five Guys addiction.

Oscar Diaz and the most perfect acceptance of his children ever.

And motherfucking Zahra, who is filled with long-suffering, whip-smart intelligence and will literally rip the balls of someone and wear them as earrings to protect her friends—cough, I mean, totally not friends. And conned a massive fucking engagement ring out of her fiancé like a the fucking boss she is.

So why read this?

Well, if you like romance novels then sure this is a foregone conclusion and why have you read my review? It’s a dumpster fire.

Read this if you’re convinced Prince William is an uptight wanker and you’re 100% Team Harry.

Read this if you are exhausted from the current political climate—this book will “be the spark of joy and hope you needed.”

This is the alternate reality that could have been.

In this reality, something as monumentally ridiculous as private email servers is nothing more than a sub plot.

In this reality, love wins.

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